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  • Leashes and collars or harnesses

    Upholstery for your dog is an important accessory!It must be chosen to ensure comfort and security during outdoor moments.We offer a range of upholstery adapted to the size and morphology. Find all our harnesses, collars and leashes of different colors on different materials nylon, leather.You also have the option of having training, education or intervention collars. We also offer collection sets harness and leash or collar and leash. A wide choice for you!Laisses harnais colliers chicanimaux animalerie chien

  • doghouse

    The habitat is a place must be adapted to the young and old to ensure the well-being and safety of your dog. Dedicated accessories for all seasons, outdoor/indoor. To be fashionable or follow with your decoration. Carpets, plastic niches or wooden niches, plastic baskets or wicker baskets, fashionable bedding that can be transported with small dogs are must-haves!Niches panier matelas tapis chien chicanimaux animalerie

  • Billy

    For your arrangement to accommodate your dog or replace the bowl/dispenser with new accessories adapted to food and water. Depending on the place you will find your happiness, whether it is a stainless steel, plastic or travel bowl, water fountain or water dispenser.Gamelles chien chicanimaux animalerie

  • safety

    For the safety of your dog equip yourself! These accessories are very important, both for visibility and to comply with the law. This is why we offer you a wide choice of bright products, waste bag, safety belt, Intervention collar, safety muzzle. To go for a walk serenely think useful accessory.Secuirte chien chicanimaux animalerie

  • Fashion

    The fashion for our dogs adapts according to the seasons. Creations inspired by major brands for a multitude of choices among clothing, accessories or decorations for your companion. A trend that has been happening in France for a few years. Tailor-made quality ranges. Our reference shop in animal clothing and accessories. Chic and trendy accessories for your animals.Chien mode chicanimaux animalerie

  • toys and awakening

    The indispensable accessory for your companion is happy and for his well-being.  To spend a moment with your dog who likes to play with original toys like ball, rope knot, jumper..., a wide choice on the shop ChicAnimaux.  Do not forget to adapt the toy according to the size of your animal. Unforgettable game sessions with your four-legged companion...Jouets eveil chicanimaux animalerie

  • treats

    Discover our natural dog treats. Easy to transport to take with you on a walk, education session or for all your outings. Our treats are a good nutritional supplement to satisfy the greed of your companions. ChicAnimaux offers a wide choice at low prices: beef throat, stick, poultry stripes, hedry candy.Friandises chien chicanimaux animalerie

  • care and hygiene

    Ensuring your dog’s good hygiene ensures good health. You will also find all the necessary for care or grooming at home with a quality of accessories at low prices: brushes, shampoos, combs, clippers, sprays.Soins hygiene chien animalerie chicanimaux

  • novelties

    Enjoy the new products recently arrived on the shop. The layout for your dog is very important for his well-being and his safety.