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bowl range

Food bowl, stand, baby bottle, bowl

The layout that you create for your companions is essential!

When it becomes obsolete, it is important to renew it.

We offer you supports and bowls that are easy to maintain and suitable for your companions. Among our range you will also find ceramics, rugs and baby bottles ...

We will recommend our supports which are tested and recognized by their effectiveness. Need advice on planning? We can provide you with information.

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  • Ecuelle

    Ceramic bowls for rodents. Available in various sizes.

    • 1 rating

    2,19€ inc. tax

  • Hay bale

    Hanging hay bale

    • 1 rating

    5,49€ inc. tax

  • waterer

    Plastic feeding bottle for small and large rodents.

    • 1 rating

    2,79€ inc. tax