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The cat this being so fascinating

Posted by CHICANIMAUX, 11/2019, Advisor, Animal Care Auxiliary.

For many centuries the cat especially when it is black. And omen of all kinds of legends. But how can a simple black cat inspire so much fear? How can cats inspire so many superstitions?

The superstition of black cats goes back to the Middle Ages. At this time the witch hunt is wreaking havoc. Cats are burned with their "witch and wizard". Legends then take births. The Middle Ages is a time period that extends over 1000 years. Let's admit that 1000 years of belief, it leaves traces ... 
But let's go back even further in the ancestors of our companions. In ancient Egypt, that of the time of the majestic Pharaohs, the cat is venerated like a god. He is loved by all and feared. The cat is then associated with protection. The temples are protected by the cats who are the guardians. The cat is also associated with the god Re and then with the goddess Bastet.

Ah, those black cats ...

At the air of Christianity, the cat loses its superb. He is no longer the object of worship and divine worship.
He is now considered an evil animal, satanic. The black cat is the incarnation of the devil in the Middle Ages. During a period of 1,000 years, the cat finds himself persecuted. It lends evil powers.
Chat vampire de nabeshima 1

But how is it possible to go from one extreme to the other?

This is rather "simple", the Christian cult of the Middle Ages interprets, the Egyptian cult in its way is dedicated to cats to be purely the incarnation of the devil. The rise of Christianity makes rumor rumor. And here, our nice cat becomes diabolical!
It was not until the 17th century that the cat found favor with the eyes of men. The cat is then mainly appreciated for its hunting skills against rodents invading the home. From that time, tomcats slowly regain their places among men.

The cat is present in many religions. Fortunately for him, he is not stigmatized in each of them. Although beliefs differ, the cat is an animal that has interested the world for thousands of years. Whether demonized or revered, cats know how to talk about them. Myths and legends are numerous across the globe.

At the air of today, the cat has returned to our homes and flows happy days among men. For as many people do not forget the beliefs of other times. They are told in the hollow of a campfire, is passed on to each other. The Halloween period and Fridays 13 are conducive to the return of superstitions. For people sensitive to the latter, crossing a black cat on a Friday 13 could bring him bad luck. While other days no. In Halloween, there are many decorations of black cats accompanied by wizards and magicians of all kinds vestige of the medieval witch hunt.

Although our companions as purr, be fascinating. It seems important to take a step back from all its legends and myths. Whether black, white or red. A cat remains a living being needing care and attention. Still today, despite all the companions of many associations, it is not uncommon to see cases of cruelty to cats. We can "understand" these cases in the days before when beliefs were a faith of law. But today that she is the excuse for such acts?


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