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SOS Croquettes D'Espoirs

The SOS Croquette d'Espoir association is a philanthropic association for the preservation, safeguarding and protection of the Saint Bernard.

Created in November 2009, by enthusiasts of this breed, it is today led by a president Mrs. Tilleman Sindy and her co-president Mr. Guesdon Pascal, their fight to save these magnificent dogs has become European.

In ten years, more than 200 dogs have been saved!

For a small association, we can only congratulate them for their dedication.


The Saint-Bernard:

A dog very appreciated in Europe, this very cute little fur ball grows very quickly and becomes massive up to more than 90 kilos. We’re still talking about a mountain dog. Regularly reached adulthood, they are abandoned by their initial adopters. The cost of veterinary fees, food, maintenance etc ... make them abandoned, mistreated or even threatened with euthanasia.

This is where the SOS Croquette of Hope association comes in.

sos kibble of hope stand

They collect these neglected dogs, give them all the necessary care before placing them in foster care while awaiting their final family! Some of the most "damaged" dogs arrive directly at the president and founder of the association, who is responsible for putting them back on their feet.

They regain confidence in people.

They learn about family life and the love that man can bring to them.

Once on their feet, the future adopters are sorted.

Saint Bernard dogs over the age of 8 are placed in a retirement basket in loving host families where happy days end at the expense of the association.

All future adopters:

Must speak to presidents and interview.

The adoption fees are the same whether it is a puppy or an adult.

When the dog and the adopters are several kilometers apart, the association organizes carpooling to take the dog to its new family.

If you wish to adopt, have the association reflex.

You will help an association and a dog.

If you want to support the SOS Croquette d'Espoir Association and their actions, think about donating via their site.



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