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Posted by CHICANIMAUX, 03/2019, Advisor, Animal Care Auxiliary.

In France, canine droppings on public roads (public spaces, collective garden, public parking, etc.) are no longer tolorized. Many towns and villages adopted a municipal by-law, forcing landlords to be responsible for the dejections of their companions.

It is now considered canine “pollution”.

It is important to note that this is one of the main sources of poor cleanliness in public places. The droppings per tonne to be removed, are a significant financial burden for the town hall budget. In order to counter these incivilities of the officers, (anti-poop brigade, municipal police, Asvp, etc.) authorised, hunt the disrespectful owners. And to reduce this financial burden on municipalities, fines are imposed. They rely on this section of the penal code to your right:

Article R632-1

  • Edited by Decree No. 2007-1388 of 26 September 2007 - Art. 4 JORF 28 September 2007

"Except as provided in section R. 635-8, a person shall be fined for a contravention of the 2nd Class by depositing, abandoning, discarding or discharging in public or private places, with the exception of locations designated for this purpose by the competent administrative authority, refuse, waste, discards, materials, unsanitary liquids or any other object of any kind, including urinating on the track public, if these facts are not carried out by or with the permission of the person having the use of the place.

The same punishment shall apply to the laying or abandoning of refuse, waste, materials or any other object of any kind on the public road for the purpose of their removal by the collection service, without complying with the conditions laid down by the competent administrative authority, in particular with regard to days and hours of collection or sorting of waste.

Legal persons may be held criminally liable under the conditions laid down in Article 121-2 for the offences defined in this Article.

The punishment incurred by legal persons is the fine, in accordance with the provisions of Article 131-41.”


It is forbidden to put your animal on the gutters for anyone who can meet your needs. Leave the gutter unobstructed (for example: car not parked = obstruction of natural or human waste). The inhabitant of a dwelling must clean the part of the gutter in front of his house so that the rain can run smoothly (avoid floods). And is honest to clean up the droppings of other people’s dogs … it’s ridiculous. Just like finding them on or under your shoe, find a mined sidewalk of droppings and have to look at the floor all the time, it’s a “pain in the ass”! Going into a public garden cannot sit in the grass for fear of having stool on you!



Even so, it is a natural and normal need of the animal. To take it out for a walk outside of its dwelling entails responsibilities. Man must educate his companion to live with him and his rules.

Ex: do not defile the house while waiting for the return of its "master".

Interdit dejection chien 1

Namely: You have an adjoining garden, your companion makes his needs and you do not maintain your garden. It can also be penalized and sanctioned. It is a nuisance to others. It is like a farmer spreading manure in his fields. Do you smell it at several meters and find it embarrassing? The droppings of your companions have the same effect on your neighbors.


In some cities the protection of public places goes further. These cities say stop to deterioration (animals digging ...) green spaces. Penalties are taken against the owners caught on the facts with his companion (attention to cameras on public places and agents (ranger, Asvp, brigade ...).
Different means of communication are initiated to inform (billboards on certain public place). Not all the time and not everything. You can be informed of places or gardens with park corners specially for animals (trash, dispensers ...) on the sites or directly in town hall.
Newcomers may not be aware of municipal bylaws.

But no one is supposed to ignore the law!

Deteriorations of the canine can be harmful (smell, lure “harmful” animals, tourist gaze, risk of falls, etc.)

Animals are banned on the beaches! Because of the droppings on the sand. There is very little beach that allows animals during high seasons. Off-season beaches can be allowed for animals. Inquire directly at City Hall. Similarly, you will have to pick up the droppings and NOT bury them in the sand. Don’t act like so many men leave their litter on the beach.

Who is the most polluting man or animal!

By amplifying urban and peri-urban constructions. Man reduces green spaces, woods and countryside! Our natural spaces are reduced from day to day. This does not affect only our companions. Wild animals (hare, wild boar, deer, wolf, etc.) sometimes have their living spaces reduced to nothing. What will happen to wildlife? So we’re not talking about the most pollution. The benefits are greater and less polluting. Although we all have to be citizens and clean up our living spaces. It is sometimes astounding the sanctions against our companions. Let us not forget that man is the greatest polluter.

Even if it is a small act all together we can make things change be fair!!

You can find excrement bags in some free and limited town halls but you have to live in the city concerned.

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So, let us all be citizens! For the environment!