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Posted by CHICANIMAUX, 08/2018, Advisor, Auxiliary Animal Care.

Having a companion who accompanies you in everyday life can cause some constraints, responsibilities on his health, his food, his leisure, but it is also moments of joy, discoveries, games it is of elsewhere on the latter that this article will guide us.

Chez le chien et le chat :

The moments of play may seem negligible, yet they have a real importance in the relationship you build with your companion. Played with him will allow you to develop a relationship of trust and share unique moments.

In the cat:

The game is essential finally to preserve a good psychic balance to your feline.

Although the cat can play totally alone thanks to different games like balls,


you can participate in his moments of play via rods,

remote control games ... It also allows you to create an activity, avoid sedentary lifestyle and preserve your hunting instincts. It is best to dissociate the toys used alone, used toys in your presence.

In the dog:

In puppies, the notion of play is associated with education. The games may seem repetitive but this is necessary. For example by playing with your companion in the "throw-report" you taught him two bases, the reminder and the notion of giving an object on request. It is important to keep control of the game and to set limits (do not nibble, do not pinch).

It is best to space the games of meals to avoid the worries of digestion, flipping, stomach twist etc ...

When your puppy becomes adult continue your games will strengthen confidence, education, complicity and relaxation

In rodents:

With rodents the moments of games will mainly consist for you to "make" them fun. Although it may seem fortuitous to you, it is important to stimulate animals, rodents are intelligent animals in need of distraction or they will tend to eat to break the boredom which will bring them health concerns related to obesity. In rabbits and guinea pigs you can put treats and small pieces of fruit in a snack ball


he will have to make efforts to obtain a reward. For small rodents an exercise wheel

is essential before they evacuate their over-energy. You can create non-cage galleries so that it is a course and change the way regularly so that it looks for a solution to regain their cage.

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