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Celebrate LA TOUSSAINT for our companions


Posted by CHICANIMAUX, 10/2018, Advisor, Auxiliary Animal Care.

As in many cultures, paying homage to our missing is a custom rooted in French customs. Although All Saints' Day is a Catholic holiday, many honor their missing throughout the world for no religious reason. The honor of our dear ones is for a lot of importance. Whether happy or sad, this memory is important for all, it is the work of memory. Each person does his remembrance work in his own way. All Saints Day for our companions is very important to me. They are only part of our life, but we are all theirs. Our companions share our lives and our memories, to celebrate their memory is to give them back the place they occupied in our families.

Tousaint animaux 1

When one chooses the burial or the incineration with recovery of the urn, it is "easier" to be able to pay homage to them in front of concrete, in front of oneself. Some people decide to let the companion go to the garden of memories. In this situation it is then possible to devote to them a permanent altar or not. To dedicate a simple thought to them is to remember. All Saints should not be only for the man, the TOUSSAINT is for ALL our loved ones missing.

So no matter how you remember ... remember that you have been their life, remember, whether in the All Saints' Day or every day.


What the law says:

If your companion weighs less than 40kg and you have a piece of land, you can bury him under certain conditions:

The grave must be at least 35 meters from any dwelling and water point.
The remains must be placed at least 1 meter underground.
The remains must be covered with quicklime.
The body must be wrapped.

You can also opt for the cemetery animal, there are in France about twenty place manage by associations or private companies, you must then proceed to the purchase of a concession.

It is also possible to carry out an incineration with recovery or no ash, your veterinarian will take the steps himself. This service is paying is varied according to the professionals.

The last option is to use a rendering machine, their contact information is available in most town halls. This service is also paying.

You can not throw the remains of your companion, in a garbage can, sewer, beine ... etc. This is punishable by law and a fine of 150 euros will be made. (source: public service)

Prices practice in France.

According to the funeral we want and the professionals, the rates vary but on average:

For an animal cemetery between 500 € and 1700 € (removal of the remains, burial, purchase of concession, and miscellaneous expenses).

For a collective incineration the prices are between 40 € and 100 € on average. For individual incineration the prices are between 80 € and 200 €.

Souvenir coeur

This Article is in memory of Lucky of the White Water Circuit (October 4, 2015/22, September 2018).