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Fédélité rewarded

When shopping on the CHICANIMAUX site

you can earn loyalty points from a certain threshold of purchase crossed

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* Excluding postage



Information fidelite deuxieme visite anglais        Information fidelite anniversaire anglais

** Offer valid only once per household and per year for 30 days during your pet's birthday exclusively excluding current promotions, security, transport, hygiene, nail protectors excluding shipping costs. For any companions you have at home and on request by e-mail. Your companion's birthday date entered on your account.

*** Offer valid only once for 60 days exclusively excluding current promotions, excluding shipping costs.

Promo codes

Different possibilities are offered to the customer to retrieve codes which will be entered during the next order.

Promotional codes can only be used once by the same customer and have a defined duration of use.

CHICANIMAUX may slip one when sending the package, this is not systematic. By following us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER the customer can also collect promotional codes.

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By following us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER the customer has the possibility of participating in contests. The participant will be asked to perform "tasks" such as: inviting friends to the contest, liking the CHICANIMAUX page, etc. This varies depending on the contest. In the event of gain CHICANIMAUX takes the postage costs at its charge with a possible follow-up, however CHICANIMAUX disengages from any loss by the transporter.



Some of our products have an offer (either in euros or%) on events such as the Corner destock '(destocking, sales, promotions, end of series) which are limited in stock or over time. Excluding postage.

General conditions

I find the general conditions of the loyalty points HERE!