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COVID-19 newsletter on the ChicAnimaux store

Dear Customer,

As you have known for several weeks, we are affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. We have since taken steps and implemented a protocol to limit the circulation of the virus. We take all the precautions disseminated by the authorities.

We remind you that the telephone number is essential in the registration form or the member account.

When handing over, you will be contacted by us before delivery. Once the package is placed on the doorstep or the building, a security perimeter (1 meter) is applied. Your package does not remain unattended, we are of course waiting for you to receive it. No signature of parcel delivery will be requested.



We inform ourselves regularly and directly from our partners. Click on the link to be informed of the latest information on deliveries

WARNING ! In order to know if the events are maintained, please contact the organizers! 

To follow up on government announcements. All home sales meetings are suspended.

Best regards

The Direction of ChicAnimaux