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to prevent your dog from causing claws

To keep your dog from clawing inside and outside your home.
The claws of a dog serve to prevent him from slipping on the ground. Claws are also used to scrape the ground to dig a hole or hunt for hidden prey. During their growth the claws grow and fall. When they get older, the claws are less worn and thus create deformation of the knuckles, they must be maintained. The overall check is done by a veterinarian who checks her paws means whether the nails should be cut or not.

SoftClaws® Claw Protectors are used for dogs that live indoors or in homes.

When an animal changes environment when you travel or vacation, he needs his bearings and stress may be present. For this, he will create his visual marking with scratches. SoftClaws® claw guards are a way to avoid inconvenience and extra financial compensation in hotels, mobile homes, chalets, holiday homes, etc.

Applied on the legs with a soft plastic tip, a SoftClaws® claw guard is the effective solution without any hindrance for your pet:

To prevent your dog from scratching on your wooden doors


To prevent your dog from scratching on your floors


To keep your dog from clawing your walls.


To live with your dog in all serenity, simply!