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To prevent your cat or kitten from scratching

To prevent your cat or kitten from scratching on your furniture.

It is important to know that a cat's claws grow and fall as they grow. The cat can adjust the length of its claws and sharpen them by rubbing them against a rough surface. This behavior is a communication tool. The traces of scratching are a visual marking, to indicate the presence of a cat on the territory. The claws are used for hunting small rodents.

Remember, scratching is a natural behavior for cats. You can not stop them.

SoftClaws® Claw Protectors are used for cats that live indoors or in homes.

When an animal changes environment when you travel or vacation, he needs his bearings and stress may be present. For this, he will create his visual marking with claws. SoftClaws® claw guards are a way to avoid inconvenience and extra financial compensation in hotels, mobile homes, chalets, holiday homes, etc.

Thanks to their soft plastic end, SoftClaws® claw guards are an effective solution without any hindrance for your pet

To prevent your cat from making his claws on your couch, couch or cliclac.

To prevent your cat from scratching on your curtains, rugs, carpets and tapestries


To prevent your cat from scratching the feet of your wooden furniture or chairs


To live with your cat in all serenity simply!