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To prevent NAC from making its claws

To prevent the NAC from accidentally making its claws accidentally on your furnishings.

SoftClaws® Claw Protectors are used for rabbits, ferrets or iguanas that live indoors or in homes.

When an animal changes environment when you travel or vacation, he needs his bearings and stress may be present. For this, he will create his visual marking with scratches. SoftClaws® claw guards are a way to avoid inconvenience and extra financial compensation in hotels, mobile homes, chalets, holiday homes, etc.

Thanks to their rounded soft plastic tip, SoftClaws® Claw Protectors are an effective and uncomplicated solution for your pet

To prevent your rabbit, iguana ferret and claws on the tapestry, dig walls if you leave it free at home.


To prevent accidental scratches on you when he is going to liberate at home.


Some fashion has settled for NAC. The color best accepted by iguanas is BLACK.


To live with new pets simply with peace of mind!