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The claw protectors stay 4 to 6 weeks and fall with the natural growth of claws of animals of all ages.

La colle softclaws est sans danger non toxique et inoffensif pour animaux

It takes a little time for your pet to no longer realize that they are wearing them. Some cats will chew them a bit and they may fall faster than usual when first applied.

SoftClaws® Claw Protectors use a glue similar to that used by many veterinarians in surgery

It is a super glue that is non-toxic and non-exothermic (it produces no heat). This glue is unobtrusive and totally harmless.


Why is SoftClaws® sometimes too long?

A common reason that SoftClaws® stays too long is that too much adhesive has been used to apply them. The best way to make sure you use the right amount of glue on each cap is to put a little bit in the empty cap and squeeze it lightly. If glue sticks out, you use too much. The glue must, however, cover the entire inside of the cap, otherwise it may fall prematurely.

SoftClaws® Claw Guard Application Guide: Click Here  Kit protege griffes softclaws sparkle pour chats adultes couleur bleu 1

Your pet has been wearing a game of SoftClaws® for 6 weeks and shows no signs of falling.

Two instructions:

  • Remove it and apply a new set of claw guards.
  • Use a claw cutter to cut the ends of the claw protectors. Then, you can remove the claw protectors and apply a new set of claw protectors.