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SoftClaws ® Terms of Use

Application Guide for SoftClaws® Claw Guards


Sans titre 4The revolutionary solution to claw problems and the destruction of furniture caused by the claws of your pet in an apartment or house. It is also an alternative when traveling on holiday or vacation (home) in hotels or in a rental property (camping).

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Sans titre 3An alternative to skin diseases of the animal, disability, scarring following surgery or accidental scratches caused to people susceptible to diseases. SoftClaws® is effective in protecting dogs with old age disease.

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Savings box 161876 12850For less than 5.00 Euros per month, take advantage of this affordable budget for a 100% effective solution with SoftClaws® Claw Protectors thanks to their soft plastic rounded ends.

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Glossy heart clip art 58149The claw guards are painless and respect the natural behavior for the animal. SoftClaws® does not interfere with the natural process of retracting cat's claws.

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Sans titre 2The claw guards fall with the natural growth of claws of animals of all ages. SoftClaws® stays in place for 4 to 6 weeks. They must be renewed by his kit.

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SoftClaws® Kits exist for:

Kittens and adult cats,


Rabbits, ferrets and iguanas.

SoftClaws® claw guards are available:

In several sizes

In many colors (Coming soon)




Cut off the claws of your pet

use a claw cut specially designed for pets (see our claws made by professionals: click here).

More info to cut the claws: click here

Information: for kittens

It is not necessary to cut the claws before applying SoftClaws®, otherwise you will not have enough surface for the glue to adhere properly.

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Put a drop of glue in a claw guard

Fill 1/3 of the shoe protector with the veterinary glue provided in your SoftClaws® Kit


Apply the claw protector on the claw

Release the claw by gently pressing with the thumb over the claw and under the animal's paw with the index finger. Then, apply the claw protector on the claw with the other hand.


Hold your pet for three minutes

Hold your pet for three minutes before releasing it (the glue setting time being very fast, this time is more than enough to prevent your pet from removing his claw guard during the first poses).