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How to cut the claws of your pet

Cutting the tip of the claws is the first step to apply SoftClaws® Claw Protectors

It is strongly recommended that you have a claw cutter available before you start applying SoftClaws® Claw Protectors on your pet's claws.

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Acclimatization of manipulations

It is useful to teach your cat to be manipulated at the level of the paws in order to create a climate of confidence when cutting the claws. You can use the reward to achieve this. To install the claw protectors, your companion must be calm. This will allow him to see your actions as a care rather than a constraint. He will associate your act with a benefit.

To protect its claws your cat retracts them. To get the claw out, nothing very complicated. Apply slight pressure to the tab, forming a "clip" with your index finger on the top and the thumb below the tab. You will see that the claw comes out. The claw consists of two parts, the transparent and the pink edge closer to the tab. Using a suitable nail clipper cut the small "hook".

It is important that your cat does not take your act as a punishment. To do this at the beginning proceed in stages. One leg at a time and per day. By rushing things you could hurt your companion and get hurt.

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Before cutting the claw, it is important to clean the dirt around it. The second step is crucial, you need to determine the "living" part of the nail. For white claws whose matrix is visible, you just have to cut about 5 millimeters in front of the matrix. If your companion has black claws just point your nail.

In case of bleeding, do not panic! Soak a compress with cold water and press against the bleeding nail for a few minutes. If the aforementioned bleeding you can make a bandage to leave in place a few hours. Then disinfect for a few days.

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There are several types of nail clippers specially designed for pets. (see our professional nail clippers)