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About SoftClaws® Claw Protectors


The adoption of a small or large animal, young or old is a responsibility and these consequences.

The consequences can be irreversible destruction of our furniture, walls and carpets because of their claws and teeth. We can also feel bites and scratches when we play with our four-legged friends. Animals can also have health problems such as human being: skin disease, skin infections, allergies, osteoarthritis or disability.

After surgery to promote healing, it is best to use a collar to prevent scratching. When the collar is poorly supported, you need a SoftClaws® alternative.

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When an animal changes environment when you travel or vacation, he needs his bearings and stress may be present. For this, he will create his visual marking with scratches. SoftClaws® claw guards are a way to avoid inconvenience and extra financial compensation in hotels, mobile homes, chalets, holiday homes, etc.

A little bit of history

It was an American veterinarian, Dr. Toby Wexler at the beginning of the 1990s, who invented shoe protectors under the SoftClaws® brand.

Since their invention in 1991, more than 100 million SoftClaws® have been sold worldwide!

In the USA where the claw removal operation is still allowed. This solution has become an effective alternative to declawing. thanks to SoftClaws®

In many European countries declawing is no longer allowed (European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals of 13 November 1987). But it took several more years for people to agree to put the claws on animals.

It is in 2008, that the marketing of the claw protectors arrived Europe.

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The celebrities

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Among the most famous felines to have used SoftClaws® are Socks ("Socks"), Hillary's cat and Bill Clinton, at the time when he was walking in the White House, while Bill was President of United States of America.

The claw protected are used for other animals and have among these users David Beckham, a Prince of the Middle East living in Paris, etc.


ChicAnimaux is the first Hauts-de-France pet store to sell SoftClaws® nail protectors


SoftClaws® Claw Protectors account for 45% of sales to veterinarians.

SoftClaws® nail protectors have been successfully tested at Maisons-Alfort National Veterinary School (Paris)

SoftClaws® claw protectors do not cause any discomfort to your pet.

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SoftClaws® respects the natural behavior of your animal.

Claw protectors do not in any way interfere with the natural process of cat claw retration. Claw protectors fall with the natural growth of the claws of animals.

SoftClaws® Claw Protectors do not cause an infection because there is no direct contact on the skin around your pet's claw.

Remember, scratching is a natural behavior for cats. You can not stop them.

Easy and quick to apply at home for your pet



SoftClaws® Claw Protectors use a glue of the same type as that used by many veterinarians in surgery.

It is a glue that is discreet, non-toxic and non-exothermic, that is to say that does not produce excessive heat that could hinder the animal by drying it.

The contents of a SoftClaws® kit exist for:

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There are different SoftClaws® kits:

Its content contains the necessary installation at home:

  • 40 claw protectors
  • 2 tubes of veterinary glue
  • 6 applicator tips
  • Complete instructions in French

The kit usable from 4 to 6 months.


  • The kittens and adult cats
  • The dogs,
  • The NAC (New Pets)

SoftClaws® Claw Protectors are available:

In several sizes

In many colors (coming soon)