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Who are we ?

Young company but not only! The manager is also young, passionate, loves the animal world. I trained personally and professionally. So I am certified and graduate in this sector. My experience has allowed me to advance and improve my knowledge. So I want to share with visitors, future customers or even customers this modern vision of sales.

Because of my E-shop status, I make the voluntary choice not to present animal sales. Numerous farming professionals with ethics are present on the market. Selling on the store is therefore not necessary. My goal is to make someone happy, not unhappy.

By creating this company, I seek to differentiate myself from other companies through new projects that are gradually appearing. The future will see more and more projects appear that you can see by visiting my online store.


CHICANIMAUX is a micro-enterprise made in France. We present our products to you on the digital store window. The company holds home sales meetings in the Lille metropolitan area.

You will find accessories, treats and animal hygiene products. We also offer delivery by us on the Lille metropolitan area. For deliveries outside the Lille metropolitan area, we have chosen to let different delivery providers choose.

You will see that the handover offers the shipping costs. For other means of delivery it is from € 60 (€ 60 in France, € 70 in Europe, € 99 internationally).

Logo certifies French company

Whether you have the smallest and / or the largest of the four-legged companions. You will find on our site quality saddlery, games for fun or educational, cage development, cleaning products and many more! Remember to renew the accessories. Accessories in good condition and more suitable for your companions can keep it in good health.

Our everyday companions are widely represented, so you will find canine, feline, rodent and other accessories.


Our guarantees!

We choose accessories for the robustness, health, well-being and comfort of your companions!

All our products are of quality at cheaper prices on two major brands by our partners!


We have set up live chat which allows you to help but also to reassure. No robot talking to you, but a human being who answers your questions about the store and its products.

It's like Messenger!


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