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The association AVC DE L'ENFANT is a French organization PHILANTHROPIQUE, educative and social, bringing together natural and legal persons, in a GENERAL INTEREST, without any confessional or political ties, having as general objective to inform families, parents of children with stroke, to defend their human rights and to promote research, training and information on children's stroke or stroke.

The sudden onset of the disease distracts the patient and his entourage. The association provides support by providing up-to-date information on the disease and promotes exchanges between caregivers, researchers, patients and their families.

CHILDREN'S AVIATION is an association of people sensitized to the brain attack or the stroke of the infant and the child, patients, families, health professionals ...

The association was born from the desire to inform the parents and to reunite the families and to help them in their steps: to break the isolation and to facilitate the everyday life.

The association is also a warm discussion group where families share special moments, share their experiences, find information about stroke or disability, and make announcements.