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Softclaws® nail protectors

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An alternative solution to accidental scratches or destruction caused by your pet's claws




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ChicAnimaux is an online pet store

We offer a wide range of animal products. ChicAnimaux offers you items for your dogs from the largest to the smallest, for your cats, New Pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice), not to mention the birds.We select products for their qualities recognized by major brands such as Trixie, Softclaws, Vivog.

On ChicAnimaux you will find leashes, collars, or harnesses and all the necessary safety for your walks in the forest, in the park, garden, at the beach… many entertainments for all your companions. Everything to spend pleasant time playing with your animals. We also thought about the layout of your cages, aviaries and cavy cage. All this at the best price.

Because we make the choice to accompany you in your choices for nature. A natural range to view the day with treats 100% natural, games and wood enrichment. Sharpie for nesting your small rodents and birds. Because the well-being of your animals and the improvement of our ecosystem matter to us, many articles will continue to enter.

On ChicAnimaux you will also find a range of hygiene and toilet articles with shampoo and brush for all. And more…

ChicAnimaux also offers home sales, bringing the pet store to you and sharing a moment of conviviality.

Buy from our online store has benefited from the loyalty program that makes you earn euros for your future purchases. Visit our calendar for your outings around the animal theme. To stay informed subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social networks. Do you have a question? An advisor will answer your questions, for all information about our products. Via un chat-live de 9h à 22 h. We do not replace the advice of your veterinarian.